10 of Zoey Deutch’s Most LOL-Worthy Tweets

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It's good to be Zoey Deutch right now. Her career is on fire, she has a new movie coming out next week, and she just-so-happens to have a very cute boyfriend. While Zoey could be a total snob about her amazing life, she's definitely not! Every single time we've interviewed Zoey she's sweet, down to earth, and hilarious! Seriously, do you guys follow her on Twitter? This girl is funny.

For those of you that might not follow Zoey on Twitter, we're going to hook you up. We've collected some of her funniest tweets for you guys to see. Trust us, you're going to hit the "follow" button after reading these! Take a look at the 10 we've picked below and then tell us, which tweet did you LOL the most at? Sound off in the comments!

1. When she tweets about her love for food, we laugh and love her for it.

2. Clearly, she's still funny when hurt.