Zoella Under Fire for Using GIF of Bill Cosby to Compliment Her Best Friend

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Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr have been best friends for a super long time. The girls basically grew up on YouTube together, and now that they’ve both achieved mega-success, they’re sure to always support each other both publicly and privately NMW. The 28-year-old recently added more products to her cosmetics line, and Zoella was feeling one highlighter in particular. She took to Twitter to express her love, but ended up facing some serious backlash.

“Excuse me @TanyaBurr but I am OBSESSED with your pink illuminating powder,” she wrote.

The YouTuber’s words were not the problem, though — the issue was that she included a GIF of Bill Cosby, a man who was accused of raping and sexually assaulting multiple women over the course of many years.

Fans quickly called her image choice out, explaining how distasteful it was to use a GIF of an accused sexual predator in a lighthearted manner.

When Zoe realized her mistake, she deleted the tweet and told everyone that she wasn’t aware of Bill Cosby’s past.

“Thanks for letting me know about that GIF guys, I wasn’t aware of him. Maybe Twitter should remove that from the ‘makeup’ drop down…”

The 27-year-old then re-posted her original complimentary tweet, replacing the GIF of the actor with a GIF of Miranda Sings.

You live and you learn, we guess.