Why Fans Were the Reason Behind Zoe Sugg’s Pregnancy Announcement

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When you have over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and 4 millions followers on Twitter, you get a ton of (sometimes unwanted) opinions. When Zoe Sugg didn’t upload a video like she usually does, and was silent on social media for a few days, viewers began to freak the eff out.

Although the British beauty guru didn’t give a reason for her absence right away, an explanation was clearly unnecessary, because fans already had their minds made up — Zoe was ~obviously~ pregnant.

Waaait…what?! How the heck does a YouTuber miss one upload and suddenly become pregnant?! We don’t understand, but apparently the 26 year old knew exactly where the rumors were coming from, ’cause she responded that she actually IS preggers. Well, kinda…

In the wise words of Lindsay Lohan, Zoe is obviously “tired of rumors starting,” and decided to jump on the crazy train rather than fight against it. Shortly after tweeting that she should be expecting a toddler anytime soon, she gave the real reason for her absence and thanked the people who were waiting patiently for her to return.

“I’m uploading 2 videos this weekend instead of the other one I had,” she tweeted. “I didn’t like it as I wasn’t feeling myself in it. Have re-filmed it.Thanks to the majority for being patient & lovely as always”

YAAAAS, Zoella! Way to let trolls’ comments roll right off your shoulders. PS: Can’t wait to meet your 2 year old soon *inserts crying laughing Emoji*

But if Zoe WAS actually pregnant, it wouldn’t be that shocking — actresses hide their baby bumps all. the. time!