Fans Are Fuming Over Topless Zoe Sugg Picture, But Not for the Reason You Think

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The words ‘topless photo shoot’ and ‘Zoe Sugg‘ don’t really go together, so when we saw the YouTube star’s newest magazine cover, we knew there were going to be mixed reactions.

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But while some fans are upset that the 26-year-old posed (tastefully, BTW) without a shirt on for the latest issue of Blogosphere mag, the majority of people are fuming for another reason — the amount of Photoshop they used on the YouTuber’s face.








This isn’t the first time people got pissed about one of Zoe’s magazine covers. A couple months ago, the beauty guru appeared on the cover of Cosmo UK, which SHOULD’VE been nothing but a huge honor. Fans, however, couldn’t help but notice that the British beauty looked quite different than normal and criticized the editors for using Photoshop to alter her appearance severely.

Here’s the thing — ALL magazines use Photoshop. And while Zoe may look slightly different in this particular picture, we don’t think the editing job was anywhere near as intense as the last one. That being said, the Internet queen is perfect just the way she is and doesn’t need ANY Photoshop.

Zoe’s not alone. Here are eight other gorgeous celebrities who were horribly Photoshopped on a magazine cover: