Weeks After Being Stalked, Zoe Sugg Faces Another Creepy AF Situation

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Since she started making YouTube videos in 2009, Zoe Sugg’s celebrity status has skyrocketed. The 26-year-old beauty guru now has over 10 million subscribers on YT, 4 million followers on Twitter, and a countless number of fans. But, unfortunately, with that level of fame also comes some serious negatives. It was just recently that the British beauty learned that a man was stalking her, and now she’s dealing with another major (and equally scary) situation.

Alfie Deyes’ girlfriend has dealt with people pretending to be her online in the past, but is now forced to deal with the impostors head-on, as they’re seriously trolling her fans! Zoe realized that perhaps the situation had gotten a bit out of hand when her young fans began to explain how they’d been talking to her on various social-media platforms.

“Just a reminder that I do not use Facebook & Skype to talk to viewers,” she tweeted. “If you think you’re talking to me, you aren’t! Stay safe please.”

As soon as the brunette sent the message out, many followers began questioning if she had been talking to them on other sites. The answer to all their questions? No.

To sum up the countless messages she was getting asking if she had responded to so-and-so’s note, she said: “Basically, people pretend to be sometimes and its creepy, so be careful!”

Hear that, Zoella fans? PLEASE be careful who you talk to online, and always remember to stay safe!

As we mentioned before, Zoe is forced to be a little more wary than most due to a stalking incident. Sadly, she’s not the only celeb who has dealt with a stalker, however. Here are 9 Disney actresses who faced scary stalkers: