Zoe Sugg Accused of Faking Mental Illness for Incredibly Effed Up Reason

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Zoe Sugg became a household name thanks to filming videos on YouTube, but as her channel grew her battle with an anxiety disorder also intensified.

“Some weeks I’d feel on top of the world, and other weeks I would be rocking back and forth in tears on a train on my own on my way to London to film something,” she wrote in a recent blog post. “Although I never really talked in depth about my anxiety and the rise of my channel at the time, it was something that was extremely challenging to balance. Knowing I could stay at home and not run the risk of a panic attack, or pushing myself because I WANTED TO DO IT. The amount of times I’ve stood outside my own launch events crying and struggling to breathe and not being able to step back inside (let alone other people’s)…”

The 26-year-old isn’t afraid to talk about her mental illness now, but even though she has literally let fans see her at her most vulnerable moments, she still receives hate.

“Cyber bullying is an issue I feel passionate about addressing. Unfortunately, it’s an experience I know about all too well, having gone through it myself in recent years. I’ve had comments about being too skinny and that I pretend to suffer from anxiety to boost my subscriber figures,” she explained in a recent article contribution to The Sun.

While the comments obviously hurt the British YouTuber, she tries her best to focus “on all the lovely, positive things that people write instead;” her true fans know that she would never lie about something so serious and personally traumatic.


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