YouTubers Defend Zoe Sugg After She’s Accused of Making Teens Stupid

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You can not be a fan of Zoe Sugg for whatever reason, but you simply cannot say she’s not influencing millions of people in positive ways. In addition to being a voice for those who suffer from panic disorders, the 26-year-old also advocates for self-love, body positivity and so much more. But no matter how many good things the British YouTube star does for the world, there will always be those who try to bring her down.

British newspaper The Guardian published an article titled, “Zoe Sugg: The Vlogger Blamed for Declining Teenage Literacy,” where they tried (and failed) to say her best-selling Girl Online book series and YT channel are the reason that teens are, essentially, losing intelligence. While the TG post itself barely had any facts to back up the harsh claims, we THINK the point stems from a different article, which was published in The Telegraph, about a recent study that found that British kids’ reading levels are dropping.

“Alas, the Zoella books are not as challenging as the J.K. Rowling books, we do have an issue there…I do grieve about children wanting to read books that are not challenging enough. The decline in children’s reading age during secondary school is pronounced. In previous years there was some evidence of it, but this year is much more striking,” Keith Topping, a professor who conducted the study titled ‘What Kids are Reading,’ said.

But, here’s the thing — the definition of ‘literacy’ is “the ability to read and write,” or “competence or knowledge in a specified area.” For The Guardian to make the claim that Zoella’s books, WHICH PEOPLE ARE OBVIOUSLY READING, are making people illiterate, is not only incorrect, but also makes no sense whatsoever.

When Zoe’s fellow YouTubers got wind of the ridiculous claims, they were quick to jump to her defense:

The British beauty admitted that she didn’t actually read the article herself because she saw the title and knew it was going to be BS, but she did thank everyone for supporting her and her work.

“My timeline and mentions right now are making me smile from ear to ear & I am clapping & fist pumping SO HARD,” she said on Twitter. “It’s refreshing to see how many people roll their eyes at some of the things the main stream media write! I’m almost used to it now. I’m so proud of everything I have accomplished and worked hard for, but what makes it worth it is how that affects thousands of people daily. Whether they’ve picked up a book for the first time from the book club or just forgotten about their awful day for 20 minutes. When you’re doing well at something, there will always be people that will try and tear you down at any opportunity. Just KEEP GOING!”


This isn’t the first time YouTubers jumped to Zoella’s defense — here are all the stars who recreated her ~controversial~ underwear picture: