25X Zoe Sugg & Alfie Deyes Were So Cute Together They Made Your Heart Hurt

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Happy birthday, Zoe Sugg! The British Queen of YouTube turned 27 years old today and celebrated the special occasion with the help of friends like Tanya Burr, Marky Ferris and — you guessed it — her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes. In honor of the big day, we decided to reminisce on all the times Zalfie made it feel like it was OUR birthday by being the cutest couple known to man. From bedtime cuddles to pie fights, Zoe and Alfie’s relationship is such #GOALS it’ll literally make your heart ache.

Let us encourage you to continue reading this post in a secluded place, because you WILL squeal out loud thanks to the adorableness — you’ve been warned!

1. When they smushed faces:

2. When Alfie was into a hug, but Zoe was not:

3. When Zoe fit perfectly in the crook of Alfie’s neck:

4. When they did…whatever this is with their tongues:

5. When Alfie looked at Zoe like she was an angel come to life:

6. When he gave her a flower:

7. When they made everyone jealous of their vacation:

8. When they KILLED their own version of Carpool Karaoke:

9. When Zoe was the happiest in Alfie’s arms:



10. When he kissed her on the forehead:

11. When they cuddled in bed:

12. When Alfie stroked her head like she was a little pup:

13. When he hit her in the face with a pie:

14. When they got scared sh*tless:

15. When Alfie attempted to be impressed by Zoe’s muscles:

16. When they danced in their robes:

17. When Alfie made Zoe feel right at home:

18. When they got into an intense conversation:

19. When Alfie told her she looked cute:

20. When he found the perfect place to rest his head:

21. When Zoe scarred her BF for life:

22. When they woke up next to each other:

23. When he kissed her hand:

24. When they “fought:”

25. And when he kissed her goodnight:

Zoe and Alfie met because of YouTube, and so did these couples: