The Terrifying Moment When Zoe Sugg Realized She Was Being Stalked

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It hasn’t been a good week for Zoe Sugg. The beauty guru, who is more commonly known by her YouTube name, Zoella, first faced seriously sexist backlash after she posted a Snapchat in her underwear. Then, just a day later, Zoe used that same video-sharing app to tell a different story, this time about how she was being stalked by a paparazzi.

The 25 year old explained, “This morning, there was a weird blacked-out car on the corner of the road right outside the house for hours, and I was like, ‘that’s a bit strange.”

Although she thought the situation was unusual, the brunette beauty continued about her day and tried her best to ignore it. But as she got into her own vehicle to head to a meeting only to realize the parked car had come to life and was now following her.

“[He] followed me from my house all the way to my meeting, all the way down into an underground car park and parked right in front of my car,” Zoe continued. “Turns out, it’s this guy who’s paparazzi who hangs around outside my house waiting to get photos of me. And it just made me feel a little bit freaked out because I was like, ‘you’ve literally sat outside my house all morning and followed me to my meeting…’ like, what?”

Uhhh…wtf?! We know photographers will do almost anything to get the ~perfect~ shot, but this is so not okay it’s not even funny. You’d think the YT star would be able to do something to stop this man from stalking her again, right? Wrong! Apparently Zoe can’t do anything about the creep, because he was just doing his job.

Ugh, we’re legit disgusted right now. Poor Zoe; no one should have to feel unsafe in their own home!

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