6 Zoe Kravitz Casting Secrets That’ll Completely Blow Your Mind

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At first glance, Zoe Kravitz‘s life seems like a constant lineup of one success story after another. As if it isn’t cool enough that her parents are freaking Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet — not to mention her stepdad is Game of Throness Jason Momoa — she’s a triple-threat in more than just family members. She’s also made a name for herself as an actress, a singer, and a model.

Whether you know the 28-year-old for fronting the group Lolawolf, acting in Mad Max, or repping a Vera Wang fragrance, she’s hard not to love. Even her style is on point! She’s not afraid to experiment with her hair — remember those platinum blond dreads? — or her outfits. Plus, anyone who has been romantically linked to Michael Fassbender, Penn Badgley, and Drake (among others) is #goals in our book.

But just because Zoe looks like she has it all together and has it easy doesn’t necessarily mean that’s true. In fact, the Los Angeles native has struggled a lot in Hollywood for one specific reason — her race. Although she was super vocal in an interview with Allure magazine about struggling to accept herself as black and love that part of herself, it is that very part of herself that has kept her in danger of being type-cast. She told The Associated Press that when she got auditions for parts besides the token friend, she was usually asked to try out for leads as a “quirky black girl” or hippie.

“I can play all kinds of people,” she said. “I don’t have to play myself.”

This issue is the leading factor behind so many of the movies on this list that ZK either didn’t land or turned down herself. It played a role in the movies she didn’t expect to get — and did — as well. Because after facing outright racism in the industry, this talented actress doesn’t always expect the best. But UGH, she so deserves it.