Brace Yourselves: Ziploc Now Has a Clothing Line & It’s… Interesting

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Fashion can sometimes get a little too avant-garde for us, if you know what we mean. We love following new trends each season, but sometimes, the things that come out of design houses are just so confusing! And this new release is nothing short of mind-blowing: Yes, Ziploc has a clothing line.

You read that right: Ziploc, the brand that’s well-known for being one of the top plastic bag makers. But now, the company is trying to get its products in both your pantry AND closet! Ziploc has partnered with BEAMS, a Japanese clothing brand, to release its first collection. Honestly, we have no idea how to react. Should we love it or hate it? In Ziploc’s defense, the whole “clear bag accessories” thing is on trend right now. But maybe Ziploc isn’t the best to attack the fashion market?

A post shared by BEAMS COUTURE (@beams_couture) on

A post shared by BEAMS COUTURE (@beams_couture) on

Beginning on August 20, you can purchase the Ziploc x BEAMS collection on the brand’s website. Backpacks, bag, umbrella, hats — they truly thought of everything. Will you be buying into the collection?