6 Times Zendaya Slayed Her Way Through a Wardrobe Malfunction

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Zendaya has come a long way since the Shake It Up days. In just a few short years, she went from wearing bowler hats and flannel shirts to taking everyone’s breath away with her gorgeous gowns on the red carpet. She’s a total style chameleon, and her bold looks frequently land her on best-dressed lists.

Z obviously loves to take fashion risks. Although she pulls them off without a hitch 99% of the time, sometimes even a fashionista like her has a slip-up. Unfortunately, though, when you’re as famous as the 21-year-old, the paparazzi are always there to catch it. Click through our gallery to see all the times Zendaya had a wardrobe malfunction, but managed to slay her way through it like NBD.