Skai Jackson’s Mom Now Claims She DIDN’T Confirm Tomdaya’s Romance

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If you were confused about Skai Jackson‘s mom seemingly confirming Zendaya and Tom Holland‘s real-life relationship over the weekend, wait until you hear the latest update in the Tomdaya saga.

While Kiya Cole responded to a fan on Instagram and said the Spider-Man: Homecoming co-stars are, in fact, a couple and have been “on the low for a while,” she’s now saying she was hacked and never actually posted that comment.

The Bunk’d actress’ mom took to IG again to let followers know that someone allegedly had access to her account and decided to troll Tomdaya fans.

“My account was hacked last week,” she writes. “Nothing posted or said was from me. I could care less or know who was dating who. Please stop asking.”


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The whole explanation is very strange, because why would a hacker post a random comment on a random picture to ~confirm~ Tom and Zendaya’s relationship? It simply doesn’t make sense to a lot of people and they’re accusing Kiya of lying about being hacked to get herself out of a sticky situation.

What’s the truth??