Disney Star’s Mom Might’ve Confirmed Zendaya & Tom Holland’s Relationship

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The question of Zendaya and Tom Holland‘s IRL relationship has been on everyone’s minds since they starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming together last summer. The actors denied being anything more than friends at first, but speculation continued, even up to this past weekend.

The Greatest Showman actress turned 22 on September 1 and celebrated in London with her family and friends, including Tom, whom Just Jared called her “rumored real-life boyfriend.”

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It wasn’t the caption that set people off, however; it was Disney Channel star Skai Jackson‘s MOM, Kiya Cole, who commented on the post and seemingly confirmed Tomdaya’s IRL romance.

“Yes. It’s true. The been on the low for a while,” she wrote to a fan in the comments.

So, how would Kiya know if Zendaya and Tom are actually a couple? Well, we’re not really sure. Z and Skai both acted on Disney Channel shows for several years and have met in the past, but they’re not, as far as we know, that close. It’s definitely possible that the woman has inside information based on her daughter’s personal knowledge, but it’s also possible that she has no idea what she’s talking about and was just stirring the pot for entertainment purposes.

Either way, fans are NOT happy that Kiya stuck her nose somewhere it clearly doesn’t belong and disrespected the rumored couple’s privacy.