How to Get Killer Confidence Like Zendaya, According to the Star Herself

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Ever since she danced onto the scene as Rocky Blue on Shake It Up, Zendaya has been one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. She has come a long way from her OG Disney Channel days and continues to wow us with her ability to stand up to haters, wear the most incredible red-carpet outfits and be an incredible role model. Not only has the 19-year-old created a super successful TV career for herself, but she also found time to join the Covergirl family as one of the latest ambassadors. Basically, the teen has done more in her 19 years than most people do in their whole lives.

We got to talk to Zendaya recently, and seeing as she’s one of the few who get to call themselves an actual CG face, we had to pick her brain on her makeup, skincare, confidence and more.

“To me, beauty doesn’t have a definition,” she said. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are a billion eyes on the planet, which means there’s a billion definitions of what beauty means. We should be the beholder of our own beauty, we should classify what beauty means to us personally. Everyone has their own definitions, and that’s the coolest part about it not being able to be defined.”


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But sometimes that’s easier said than done, and confidence isn’t always easy to come by. Since school is right around the corner, we wanted to find out Z’s suggestions on making this year the best one yet.

“You need to start with a positive mindset and outlook. If you go out thinking you’re going to have a negative experience or that bad things will happen, most likely they will. You gotta think positively and open your mind a little bit. If you walk into a situation not wanting to talk to anyone — not everyone is going to come up to you and talk to you. Put yourself out there, go say hi to someone, have a conversation with someone. It may be scary at first but the risk you make will be worth the reward.”

While inner beauty is obviously the most important, that doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy making yourself look and feel great on the outside, too. The actress’ love for makeup goes beyond definition and she sees it as a form of artistry that is constantly evolving. Wearing makeup isn’t about pleasing others; it’s all about doing it for the person that really matters — y-o-u.

“Where makeup is now, is so great. It’s not about the satisfaction of other people, it’s for you to wear it how you want. We wear makeup because we enjoy it, we wear it because our fellow makeup lovers appreciate it and the beauty behind it. It’s not about the satisfaction of other people, that’s what it should and continue to be about.”

With so many beauty gurus on YouTube and COUNTLESS different tutorials available, trying to figure out a new beauty routine can be a challenging and a little overwhelming. Stars like Zoe Sugg and Michelle Phan make it look so effortless and easy, but the truth is that it takes time to master contouring and to ace the perfect winged eyeliner.

“I think makeup in general is trial and error, you’re not going to be good at it right away,” she said. “You need to practice just like anything else. I didn’t wake up one day able to do a bomb cut crease, I had to work at it. Its definitely a process. If you’re a beginner, the Clean Matte BB Cream is great because it’s super light, not heavy and really absorbs oil giving the perfect foundation.”

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We are obsessed with Z’s outlook on life and how she is always able to exude incredible confidence while rocking the perfect makeup looks. Don’t forget to check out all of Zendaya’s favorite COVERGIRL looks, especially her go-to Clean Matte BB Cream, to replicate the beauty’s routine.


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