6 Questionable Fashion Decisions Zendaya Would Never Make Today

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In the past year or so, Zendaya went from being known as a cute Disney Channel actress to an outspoken fashion icon that basically every major brand wanted to work with. Whether she was bringing back the mullet, or daring to go retro-chic at a major award show, the 19-year-old star has totally come into her own and knows exactly how to dress to look and feel confident and beautiful.

But as with many former child stars who are now among Hollywood’s hottest, the K.C. Undercover lead had to go through a period of time when she was finding herself and her personal style… and you could definitely tell. Although Z’s past red-carpet choices were probably perfect for her tween years, it’s pretty darn funny to look back and say, ‘There’s no WAY she’d ever dress like that today!’ Times are changing, people; embrace it.