From Our BFFS: Want Beauty and Style Advice from Zendaya?

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Zendaya dished the best beauty advice ever to Seventeen mag! Maybe next time they’ll put her on the cover and not just on the inside. Just sayin’. [Cambio]

We’re kind of really in love with Cody Simpson‘s new music video for “What You Want.” And no, not just because it’s like, black and white and really romantic and whatever. [J-14]

Kim Kardashian shows no signs of slowing down in 2012 — she snagged a TV gig that’s not KUWTK… [Hollywire]

And speaking of the Kardashians, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are all getting their own Barbie dolls. Please, guys. Keep the dirty jokes to yourself. [Wetpaint]

We’ll let these new Hunger Games stills speak for themselves. Just one comment: Holy hotness, Liam Hemsworth! [HuffPost High]Liam Hemsworth Hunger Games Photo

This just in…Adele‘s got a new boyfriend! Let’s hope they don’t work out so she can write another award-winning album about their breakup… [Posh24]

Katy Perry better start prepping her responses to “How are you doing after the divorce?” She’s going to be at next week’s People’s Choice Awards! [Just Jared]

We are SO pumped for the return of our fave CW shows like The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. Let’s see where the shows left off then, shall we?! [gURL]

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