Slow Clap for Zendaya’s Response to Hater Who Calls Her an 18-Year-Old Stick

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Over the weekend, we learned how you’re really supposed to spell QUEEN. It’s spelled as follows: Z-E-N-D-A-Y-A. And that’s not only because Zendaya killed it on the 2016 Golden Globes red carpet (which she totally did, OMG). No no, it’s actually based on what the Disney Channel star said the night before that’s got us slow clapping.

Late Saturday evening, a hater posted:

Soon after, Zendaya favorited said tweet:

In the midst of his freakout, he dissed the 20-year-old actress/singer:

Don’t worry, though — Zendaya is a classy girl who knows how to handle haters:

Further adding to the class:

The dude’s response?

Oh. That makes it better then…

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