Disney Star Suffered from Mental Illness Because of Popular TV Show

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Disney Channel stars like Dove Cameron, Rowan Blanchard and Miley Cyrus have all spoken out about their struggles with anxiety, and now another DC actress is stepping up to bring awareness about her experience with the mental illness.

Zendaya Coleman has never been one to bite her tongue, especially when things get tough. The 20-year-old K.C. Undercover star recently revealed that she used to suffer from pretty bad anxiety, which came after a “bad experience” while performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show many years ago.

“I used to struggle with anxiety pretty bad. It only happened when I sang live, not when I danced or did any other live performances, and it stemmed from a bad experience I had while singing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2013,” she explained on her app. “It was one of my first live TV performances and my mic pack went out and I had to perform my song ‘Replay’ even though I couldn’t hear anything in my in-ear monitor. It wasn’t my best performance and I’ve never let myself live that down. I had mad anxiety ever since that.”

But while her younger self really struggled to move on from that incident, she eventually lurned how to “bury [her] anxiety” by directing her attention elsewhere.

“I’ve tried focusing my energy on other things, like making movies. And I took my time and slowly built my confidence back up before I went back out on stage to sing live. Luckily, when I performed ‘Let Me Love You’ with Mario on the show Greatest Hits last year, it went really well. It was still a little nerve wracking [sic], but it was cool. Sometimes you just have to take a step back so things stop stressin’ you.”

We are SO happy that Zendaya was able to overcome anxiety in her own way, but sometimes people need a little more help. If you, or someone you know if suffering, please talk to a parent, teacher, friend, etc., or call 866-615-6464.

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