The Tweet That Has Fans Thinking Selena Gomez Had Sex With Her Ex’s Friend

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As much as social media is a great way for celebrities to connect to their fans, it’s also a dangerous place for them. Whether it’s co-stars fighting or exes dissing each other, it seems that Twitter always gets the best of a celeb’s ability to keep his or her emotions in check. The latest people to fight on the social platform? Zedd and Diplo. We know; random AF.

The two DJs got into it last night when Katy Perry’s ex criticized the Germany producer’s new song for M&M’S 75th anniversary.


The 26 year old then basically told the 37 year old to be quiet and (understandably) leave him alone… and that’s where things started to get interesting.

After he gave Zedd a backhanded compliment and called him a “loser,” Diplo decided to drop a bomb on his fellow EDM star — he had sex with one of his exes. As you may remember, the musician famous collaborated with and dated Selena Gomez last year, which is leading people to believe that this is the ex the artist was referring to.

To make matters even MORE confusing, Diplo is one half of Jack Ü, the DJ duo that Justin Bieber worked with to create “Where Are U Now.” Um, talk about awkward! You simply do not hook up with one of your friend’s exes, especially if that friend is clearly not over the relationship

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