The Shocking Zayn Malik Secrets You Need to Know Before “Befour” Drops

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January 12, 2016 marks a special occasion for one of your faves: it’s Zayn Malik‘s 23rd birthday(!), the singer’s first bday celebration since he left One Direction. (Not to open up old wounds; simply stating a fact.) Although he’s no longer on the road with his former bandmates, there’s still plenty to praise — like his upcoming solo zolo album!

The British hottie’s been talking a lot about his debut CD sans 1D, which is tapped to come out sometime in spring Z016. (Yes, he even made 2016 his year.) Some even think his supposed first single, “Befour,” will drop sometime on his actual birthday. But before that all happens or doesn’t happen, there are some things we need to discuss. Just like we did before One Direction released Made in the A.M., here are all the theories behind Zayn’s new music:

1. His album release date is gonna be shady AF. Spring 2016 is all we heard, but many fans of OT4 think Zayn’s going to drop his album on March 25 (or March Z5 because everything needs a Z in it now), one year to the day after he quit One Direction.


2. At least one of his new tracks is about Perrie Edwards. Remember when Naughty Boy “accidentally” leaked “I Won’t Mind” (and Zayn called him a “fat joke” with no friends)? There are reports that claim the lyrics could be about Zayn’s ex-fiancee from Little Mix. “Don’t look around cause love is blind // And darling right now, I can’t see you // I’m feeling proud so without a doubt, I can feel you.”

3. “BeFour” has a lot more meaning that you thought. One Direction’s fourth studio album was aptly titled Four, there are now four members of One Direction. Like… how could they not be connected?


Stay tuned for the details on his other tracks, “It’s You,” “Wrong,” “She” & more!

*gasp* Zayn Malik says he’s not in touch with the 1D guys. Get the deets:

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