Zayn Hints at Second Solo Album with Cryptic Poem & Song Snippet

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Zayn Malik is dropping all sorts of hints regarding new music in the works, starting with a mysterious poem posted to Instagram, and the Internet has collectively fallen into one unanimous freakout!

It all started back in September, when Zayn Malik confirmed that he is, in fact, working on his second studio album. Since then, he’s been noticeably hush-hush as to when it’ll actually be coming. But a new cryptic poem he posted to Instagram has fans thinking that it might be sooner than we thought.

Zayn shared a moody photo of himself holding a green lightsaber on the social app, with a mysterious poem captioned inside the pic. The poem — or, as he called it, the “zoem” — makes references to iPhone likes and message-sending, and definitely hints at the way technology has taken over our lives and communication.

Morning Zoem

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Fans were totally digging the poem in and of itself, while others immediately started speculating about what it means for Zayn’s music career. Is it a hint to a new song he’s working on or was he just feeling a little nostalgic from the good ol’ days when texting wasn’t the #1 form of communication used amongst friends, lovers and family? He didn’t share any other insight beyond the poem itself, so we’ll just have to wait (v impatiently) to find out.

Of course, that wasn’t the ONLY clue Zayn gave fans that new music may be coming soon. Shortly after sharing the poem, Zayn took to Twitter to share an equally cryptic, short video of himself singing a gorgeous melody acapella… and it’s definitely a song we haven’t heard before:

In the video, you can clearly hear Zayn singing the lyrics, “She’s all the woman for me // She’s all the woman I need,” so it looks like all signs are pointing to Z’s girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, on this one.

Now the only question is… how long do we have to wait for a new single/whole new album to drop? Because we kinda can’t take this teasing for much longer!