Zayn Malik Reportedly Scraps Most of 2nd Album Because of Gigi Hadid Split

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Zayn Malik has been teasing fans with new music for weeks now and just about a week ago he actually told some people on Instagram that his upcoming album has “been done” for a while and he’s just working on filming the music videos before he releases anything. But then he and Gigi Hadid announced that they decided to break up after over two years of dating and things apparently took a turn.

According to the Daily Star, the former One Direction singer now wants to ditch about half of the songs he recorded for the new CD because they’re about his supermodel ex.

A source explains, “Zayn has been hard at work on this album for about 18 months. During most of that time he was completely head over heels in love with Gigi so that’s what he wrote about. There’s lots of songs about their love, passion and sensuality. But some of the songs are more painful to him than loving now. Even though the breakup is being touted as a mutual decision he is heartbroken and wants to use that as inspiration. He’s an incredibly deep character and wants to write new music about the split to help him process his feelings.”

No one knows when the 25-year-old was planning to release his second solo studio album, but his desire to get rid of the old songs and write new ones inspired by his breakup with the 22-year-old could delay it by quite some time.

We’re not sure if this report is true or not, but even if it is it doesn’t look like the delay is going to stop ZM from releasing any new tunes at all. The British musician recently teased fans with a short trailer of what appears to be the most intense music video he’s ever created. Zayn is seen carrying a briefcase and meeting with some shady men throughout the entire gangster-inspired vid, which ends with the sound of a gunshot and the words “the story continues.”

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This is a LOT to handle. First we’re told Zayn’s new album might be pushed back because he’s literally scrapping half of the songs on it to write new ones about his split with Gigi and then he goes and teases us with a music video that looks like a James Bond movie. We’re v v v overwhelmed right now!