Zayn Malik Gets a Tattoo of Girlfriend Perrie Edwards (PICTURE)

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Oh. My. Gah. It’s not shocking to hear that two of the One Direction guys inked themselves up again. Yet the design Zayn Malik etched into his skin — permanently, we might add — is one for the books.

While passing through Glen Burnie, Maryland, Zayn, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne visited Tattooed Heart Studio. Zayn’s latest decision was to get a tattoo of girlfriend Perrie Edwards on his right arm. And it is not subtle. Like, it is her to a T.

Keep in mind the couple known as Zerrie has only been together for a year. (They celebrated their anniversary — in Paris! — this past April.)

And if you’re not totally convinced that it’s the Little Mix girl on his arm, please note the unmistakable hat resemblance:



In less-exciting news, Louis reportedly got a spiderweb on his forearm (to represent Spider-Man) and a bomb (because he’s da bomb). Meanwhile, Liam’s said to have taken a break from the ink… for that particular night anyway.

What do you think of the newest 1D tattoos? Is it ever a good idea to ink someone’s name (or face, in this case) permanently into your skin? How would you react if your significant other did this for you? Weigh in via the comments below, or on our One Direction message board!

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