Those Zayn Malik Cheating Rumors Just Got a WHOLE Lot Worse…

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The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for Zayn Malik. Between cheating allegations and his departure from One Direction, Zayniacs could only hope that this week would be more calm. Unfortunately, however, their wish has already been crushed.

According to The Sun, Zayn allegedly did, in fact, cheat on fiance Perrie Edwards while in Thailand. But while fans knew there was speculation about him and a mystery girl, it turns out his romantic romp was actually with someone else.

Swedish model Martina Olsson claims that Zayn sought her out at a club in Thailand and cheated on Perrie with her.

“He didn’t mention anything to me about having a fiance,” she said. “He was really flirtatious. Straight away when we were in the bathroom he started kissing me. He picked me up and said, ‘I want you now,’ and carried me to the bed.”



Their fling was short-lived, however, as Martina says Zayn set his sights on another girl, Lauren Richardson, the following night.

“I was jealous as I really fancied Zayn. I was thinking, ‘I was with him first!’ I told him she looked old and he laughed.”

Seeing as itt was just a few days later that Zayn announced he would be leaving 1D, The Sun asked Martina if she thought he seemed off. Her reply?

“When he was taking me to bed in a gorgeous hotel suite overlooking the ocean, he didn’t seem too stressed.”

Y I K E S. Things just keep getting worse and worse…

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