Turns Out, Anxiety isn’t the Only Reason Zayn Malik Didn’t Go on Tour

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Zayn Malik is on the rise, people! Recently, the 25-year-old musician released a cryptic poem, leading people to suspect that a second solo album is on its way. And his latest interview seems to confirm that!

“So I started working on the new album right after I finished the first one,” he tells Interview, referring to Mind of Mine. “It was an ongoing process, I just kept writing and writing and maybe spent a little bit more than a year in the studio. I’m pretty proud of the result, there are some really good songs on it. I’m curious what the fans are saying. We tried a few new things, new styles, new collaborations.”


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In even better news, it sounds like he’s ready to go on tour, too. “I did not want to go on stage and just play one album,” he says of not touring post-MoM. “I want to play a spectacular show and hits. People should be entertained from the first to the last minute, but that does not work if you have only a handful of songs. I think, with the new album I have enough songs together.”

There were other factors as well. “The pressure was much too high then,” the former One Direction hottie explains. “I had just left the biggest band in the world and constantly had to justify why I had quit so quickly and so suddenly. That was just a bit much. But now I’m ready to do my thing.”

You hear that, guys? Despite his anxiety, which caused him to cancel his show at London’s Capital Summertime Ball in June 2016 and ax his concert in Dubai three months later, he feels like he’s ready to ~do his thing~. How amazing is that?! We’re so happy for you, Z.