Zayn Malik Says He Didn’t Shade Kim Kardashian, Even Though He Def Did

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Add Zayn Malik to this list of celebrities weighing in on Kim Kardashian‘s infamous naked Instagram selfie. Since the photo hit social media, everyone has been commenting, from Chloe Grace Moretz to Miley Cyrus. At the same time, other stars felt empowered by Kim’s photo, opting to post similar selfies online.

Yesterday, Zayn posted a somewhat cryptic tweet, leading people to believe that he was throwing major shade at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star:

Based on the message, it seemed like he was basically saying that Kim should read a book if she wants to feel liberated (rather than post a naked snapshot). While Zayn didn’t explicitly call out Kim for her racy pic, there’s a strong possibility that he was subtweeting her. His word choice is super suspicious, since Kim recently posted another naked pic with the caption, “#liberated.” Moreover, the timing of his tweet in comparison to Kim’s photo is just too coincidental (albeit, a little late in comparison to every other celebrity quote regarding the pic). But after getting tons of responses about his indirect tweet, Zayn claimed that he wasn’t dissing anyone:

Since that tweet definitely wasn’t convincing AT ALL, he posted another, hoping to clear things up:

Nice try, Zayn. We’re still not convinced, and that explanation isn’t satisfying or believable. Moreover, his original tweet looked extremely shady. We’re not even sure why Zayn decided to now add his opinion to the controversy, considering that Kim posted the photo over a week ago. You’re a bit late to the whole debate, Z.

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