Zayn Malik May Be Thinking About Asking Gigi Hadid to Marry Him Soon

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OMG, you guys! Word on the street is that Zayn Malik is planning on proposing to Gigi Hadid and, honestly, given all the celebrity engagements recently, we really wouldn’t be too surprised if Z got down on bended knee.

Like most of the world, our heads are spinning from all of the celebrity engagements that have gone down recently. There was Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson‘s sudden engagement, Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin‘s and, of course, Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra‘s. But, that’s not all! It sounds like could ZiGi could be the next engaged celebrity couple and here’s why:

According to British tabloid The Daily Star, the “Sour Diesel” singer is certainly thinking about proposing to his longtime girlfriend as a way to “prove his love.” Now, we know what you’re probably thinking: This is certainly a far cry from what he told GQ back in June about not wanting to put a label on their relationship.

Anyway, now the tabloids are saying quite the opposite! “He’s head over heels in love and wants to prove to the world he’s committed and their relationship is the real deal,” reports The Daily Star.

The mag went on to say that, although the couple split temporarily for about seven weeks, the 25-year-old is thinking about a marriage proposal and “has suggested a secret wedding with no guests.” HOWEVER, the tabloid mag also mentioned that while marriage may be on Z’s mind, it’s certainly not on Gigi’s.

“After broaching the subject with the 23-year-old supermodel, he’s conceded he will have to wait,” the site reveals. “Gigi is happy getting their relationship back on track, but has made it clear they are not ready to get engaged just yet.”

Sorry, ZiGi shippers. Although we’re not hearing wedding bells quite yet, it’s very clear that the couple is very serious. Just last week, the couple was caught leaving the model’s apartment, and Gigi was spotted wearing a gold necklace with his name on it! If that doesn’t spell out the word serious, we don’t know what does.