Zayn Malik Does Same Thing With Gigi That Took Him YEARS to Do With Perrie

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It has been just over one month since Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid started dating. ONE. MONTH. So the fact that they — wait for it — recently went apartment hunting together in New York City is actually blowing our mind.

Since you’re all sane, logical human beings, you’re aware that moving in together is a HUGE step in any serious relationship. And seeing as this is Gigi’s third boyfriend in the past year and Zayn broke off his engagement a few months ago, we thought it was pretty safe to say ZiGi was simply a fling for two young hotties looking to have some fun. BUT GUESS WE WERE WRONG, Y’ALL! The former One Direction singer and the Victoria’s Secret model were spotted out and about yesterday touring various luxury apartment buildings in the Big Apple.



Yes, it’s very possible that either Zayn or Gigi could simply be searching for a new home to live in solo and his/her significant other was simply tagging along. But at the same time, it’s ALSO very possible that the pair is looking to take their romance to the next level by shacking up together.

Zayn and his Little Mix ex shared a sprawling mansion in London before their split, but they didn’t make the purchase until two months prior to their breakup. This means that the now-solo singer could potentially be doing the same thing with his new girlfriend after 5 minutes a month of dating that took him TWO YEARS to do with his ex. Ohhhkayyy…

What do you think about the possibility of Zigi moving in together? Crazy, or something that you’d support? Tell us your thoughts below!

Zayn and Gigi are obviously sick of keeping their romance secret from social media:

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