Just TRY to Say Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid Aren’t Dating After Seeing these Pics

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When pictures of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid leaving an American Music Awards after party emerged, the world lost its s***. But we’ve seen this happen many times before — guy and girl are seen together, everyone assumes they’re dating, but then they’re never spotted again. Could the case of ZiZi been a well-timed fluke? NOPE!

While some fans were holding strong that the supermodel and former One Direction singer’s hang was just a one-time thing, the pair just squashed all hope by hanging out yet AGAIN, and this time, being way less subtle about it. Last night, the 20-year-old blonde and the 22-year-old brunette were seen arriving to a Los Angeles club together, hanging out for a few hours, and then leaving in the same car. Here’s a video a fan captured of their departure:

But try not to freak out too much, guys. According to an E! source, Zayn and Gigi are just “casually hanging out.”

“She is not looking to jump into another relationship so soon,” the insider continued. “Gigi is a relationship-type kinda girl, but she wants to just have some fun and take time for herself and her career at the moment.”

Taylor Swift’s best friend was recently dating Joe Jonas, but the pair ended things at the beginning of the month. Zayn also recently got out of a serious relationship, calling off his engagement with Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards at the end of the summer.

So…it definitely seems that something is going on between Gigi and Zayn. Is it romantic, or are they just friends? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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