Zayn Malik Defends Gigi Hadid’s Racism by Making Inappropriate Sexual Joke

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When you love someone, it’s your automatic reaction to defend them against haters, especially the ones who are completely in the wrong. In some instances, however, the best way to show you care is to be completely honest with the person you love, even if that means criticizing their actions. You’d THINK Zayn Malik would choose the latter method when dealing with Gigi Hadid‘s recent racist stunt, especially since he’s been the target of racism in the past. Key phrase — ‘you’d THINK.’

Not too long after the Victoria’s Secret model was slammed for racism after she was caught mocking Buddha on video, a fan asked the 24-year-old singer who’s “of Asian descent” (FYI, Gigi!!) how he feels “about [his] girlfriend making fun of Asian people.” While it would’ve been very easy for him to ignore the question, Zayn decided to respond in hopes of defending his girlfriend, but instead made an inappropriate joke out of the situation.

While the former One Direction singer didn’t directly say anything inapprops, the wink face and Emoji choice clearly turns the message into something sexual — “Well, I’m Asian, and Gigi is sexually attracted to me, so whatevezzz,” he could’ve written instead.

Fans quickly picked up on the underlying tone of ZM’s tweet and urged him to delete it and apologize.

Here’s to hoping Zayn will see all the backlash and come to understand his error. Defending racism is never acceptable!

Gigi Hadid isn’t the first celebrity who was unintentionally racist…