Zayn Malik Gets Praised for Cultural Appropriation, While Gigi Got Bashed

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We’re not sure how it happened, but Gigi Hadid somehow became one of the most controversial celebrities out there. In less than a year, the 21-year-old model has made fun of Asian culture, appeared in a racist ad and faced criticism for only using her heritage for monetary gain. Basically, the supermodel makes ~questionable~ decisions and gets called out for them all the time.

But then we have Gigi’s boyfriend, Zayn Malik, who can do similarly racist things and face no criticism whatsoever. Equality, right? The 24-year-old recently styled his hair into cornrows, “an ancient traditional African hairstyle” that many other celebs have gotten bashed for wearing.

Instagram (@gigihadid)

Instagram (@gigihadid)

Based on past examples, the former One Direction singer SHOULD be facing serious backlash, and yet social media is full of nothing but praise.

Something seems a little bit off here, right? Happy International Women’s Day! *rolls eyes*

These other celebs have gotten slammed for wearing cornrows, but continue to wear them: