8 Celebrities Who Were Totally Dissed by Former One Direction Star Zayn Malik

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It’s been several years since Zayn Malik dropped out of One Direction, but that definitely wasn’t the only time he broke our hearts. Following his departure from 1D, the 25-year-old went on to become a solo artist in an attempt to give himself the creative freedom he desired. Unfortunately, he continued to get negative press because of the things he did and said to other people in the industry… and we’re gonna be honest, they weren’t very nice.

Of course, it’s hard being a celebrity and being placed under a microscope all the time, especially while you’re young, but unfortunately — and this goes for everyone — the things you say and do can come back to bite you in the butt when you’re older and wiser, and now that several years have passed, it seems like that’s exactly what’s happening to Zayn.

On more than a few occasions, the “Let Me” crooner has ripped into other celebrities, fought on social media and even engaged in ongoing feuds with people he used to consider his best friends. So, are you wondering which celebs he’s dissed hard? Take a look: