Zayn Gets New Tattoos and a Bachelor Pad After Gigi Hadid Split

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A change of hairstyle (check), fresh tattoos (check), and his very own bachelor pad in NYC (check)–Zayn Malik is wasting no time in changing things up in his life after announcing his split with Gigi Hadid last week.

We all know Zayn frequents the tattoo parlor, but we’re extra curious the meaning behind the ink he got this week, post-Gigi split. He got the number “25”, which also happens to be his current age, tattooed on his neck. The two is in red, while the five is in black. The two photos he posted of the tat to Instagram gave no insight to the meaning behind the new tat, so our best guess is that maybe the fresh ink represents all the changes he’s going through at this age?

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In another caption-less Insta, Zayn showed off a new rose tattoo that starts at the back of his head, with the thorny stem extending down his neck. The saying goes, “Every rose has its thorn…”, so maybe that’s what he’s referencing with this tat?

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One thing that does seem clear from the new tats, is that Zayn isn’t going out of his way to use them to cover up his other tats that reference Gigi–at least, not yet. But perhaps that will come in time, as he previously covered his arm art of former fiancée, Perrie Edwards.

Zayn also followed the old “change your hair after a breakup” trope and dyed his black locks back to platinum blonde this week…

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It’s been two years since Zayn has dated anyone besides Gigi, but when he is ready to bring home a new lady, he’s going to impress her with his recently purchased $10.7 million dollar bachelor pad in NYC’s Soho district. Coincidently, the sprawling four bedroom penthouse is right around the block from Gigi’s place, and he supposedly signed on the dotted line the day their breakup was announced.