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The Top 5 Best Moments from Zayn’s Sexy Music Video for “Let Me”

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Zayn‘s new music video for his latest single, “Let Me,” plays out like a mini action movie with a twist ending — and we cannot get enough!

Not only is “Let Me” a total bop in and of itself, the accompanying video is pretty much one of the best of all time. The music video plays out like a short film, in which Zayn plays a character named Roko, who gets into some shady business dealings with a crime boss named Don Blue. As the story progresses, Zayn’s Roko falls in love with a gorgeous but possibly dangerous woman named Jynx, played by model Sofia Jamora. Here are our top five favorite moments from the video:

1. The way Roko looks at Jynx.

It makes us wish Zayn would look at us like that — so subtle yet so romantic!

2. Roko’s a tense meeting with the crime boss, Don Blue.

Don tells Roko, “It’s going down tonight,” but Roko can’t help but be fixated on the beautiful Jynx. When Don points out Roko’s clear interest in the woman, saying, “You like that, too?” Roko aloofly replies, “What’s not to like?” (Obviously, his character’s response is aloof because, as we all know, the #1 rule in any action movie is NEVER get involved with the boss’ mistress.)

3. Roko cleverly tricks some bad guys.

In another moment that is reminiscent of a scene out of Breaking Bad, Roko goes to do an exchange with two men who have a gun pointed at him, but he backs them off by proving he has a sniper nearby… or, at least, that’s what he makes it look like. It turns out to be a pal of his simply pointing a laser lighter at the baddies from a nearby cab.

4. Roko and Jynx’s steamy hookup!

Once the shady deal is done, the mini-movie turns its attention to the chemistry between Roko and Jynx, who is a total Gigi Hadid lookalike, BTW. The pair finally gets together, and it’s almost too hot to handle. (Okay, we lied — it’s definitely too hot to handle.)

5. Roko kicks the crap outta the bad guys… and then THAT TWIST!

Can this be Zayn’s audition to be the next James Bond? Just throwing it out there… And just when you think all is lost and Zayn’s character is about to be killed, the best twist ending EVER happens, as Jynx moves into action to save Roko from being shot by Don Blue!

Can music videos become franchises? Because this one DESERVES a sequel!