Zayn Malik Deletes Everything on His Insta Page Before Teasing New Music

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Zayn Malik took a cue from his “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” collab partner, Taylor Swift and deleted every single thing on his Instagram over the weekend. Our minds immediately pointed to his recent breakup with Gigi Hadid as the cause for the reset, but there seems to be a different and much more positive reason for the purge…

The 25-year-old has been teasing new music for a while now and a clip he posted to his page just a day after he deleted all of his pics and videos seems to verify that tunes are coming soon…FINALLY!


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As you can see, the video is captioned, “4.12.18,” so we know something is going to be released this Thursday. The short clip starts with a blonde Zayn looking out on a stunning dock, but then takes a dramatic turn, promising power, greed and vengeance. The scene that follows includes handshakes and guns, followed by text promising seduction, passion and loyalty. Cue the steamy bedroom scenes! Finally, the words money, love and revenge play on screen.

Our best guess is that ZM is dropping a new song AND a new music video on April 12th and, based on the teaser, it’s gonna be intense as heck. We’re so FRICKIN’ excited!