Popular Singer Criticizes 13 Reasons Why for Doing More Harm Than Good

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13 Reasons Why is a force that’s completely taken over the entertainment industry in the last few weeks, but while millions of people are watching the Netflix hit, not everyone is a fan…and for good reason. Zara Larsson, the singer who rose to fame with the song “Never Forget You,” recently opened up a can of words when she tweeted (and deleted) eight simple words — “13 Reasons Why is mehh don’t @ me.”

While many people assumed the 19-year-old was criticizing the series produced by Selena Gomez for some trivial reason, it turns out she had much bigger issues with the show.

“In my opinion it romanticizes a revenge suicide and it doesn’t bring up mental illness or depression AT ALL,” she wrote in response to a fan who told her it “literally doesn’t matter if it’s meh…the reason behind it is why it’s being talked about so much.”

Someone else said she “did not understand what the series really wanted to pass on to people,” which she fiercely denied. In fact, Zara responded by saying she DOES understand the message, but “the show is just not [her] cup of tea [because it’s] too unrealistic [for her].”

If we’re being completely honest, we understand where Zara is coming from with her concerns. Sure, 13RW has the potential to help a lot of people understand the dangers of bullying, but numerous mental health professional have spoken out saying that its graphic nature and unrealistic depictions of mental illness can actually do more harm than good to people who are suffering.

Unlike Zara, these celebrities ARE fans of 13 Reasons Why: