Nick Actor Caused Dani Perkins & Zach Clayton to Split, So Says Zach Himself

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Another day, another instance of drama in the musical.ly world. Over the weekend, Muser Daniella Perkins of the PerkinsSisters confirmed that she and Zach Clayton A.K.A. bruhitszach broke up after about seven months of dating because they “both have so much going on.”

The news was sad and all, but the real drama started when the 17-year-old started posting shady tweets that basically said Nickelodeon actor Jace Norman, who is Dani’s co-star in the upcoming movie Inside Voice , was the reason for the breakup.

While the teenager didn’t specifically say his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with her Nick co-star, some people thought that’s what he was implying. The brunette beauty, however, made a video denying these claims.

“I wouldn’t do that,” she said. “I’ve spent all day so sad that you guys think that and it sucks so much.”

Daniella also explained that her relationship with the Henry Danger actor “is not what the breakup is about at all.”

“People just sometimes grow apart and you get busy with everything and it’s just better to be friends.”

ZC is apparently “done” with the drama, so who knows if we’ll ever get a real conclusion to this saga.