An Internet Star is Making it Pretty Darn Obvious That He Has a New Girlfriend

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Some celebrities try to keep their new relationships on the DL, and others simply DGAF about letting fans in on their romantic endeavors. Social media stars, for the most part, fall into the latter category and often give too much personal information to their followers.

Musical.ly star Zach Clayton (A.K.A. bruhitszach) has never been one to hide his love life online, so we’re not all that surprised that he’s not exactly winning subtly awards for showing his affection for fellow muser Daniella Perkins. Not only have the 16-year-olds been spending a lot of (couple-y) time together lately…

…but Zach’s also been favoriting some ~interesting~ things on Twitter, most of which link him and Dani together romantically.

Needless to say, fans of the two Musers are pretty convinced something is going on between them and are very vocal about their opinions on #Zani.

Not very subtle, guys…

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