Will Zac and Vanessa Work Together Again…On TV?

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It’s been over two years since Zac Efron and girlf Vanessa Hudgens have worked together (and we’ve been begging for a High School Musical 4 since then), but, Zanessa fans, we may be in luck! Hollywire is reporting that Simon Cowell wants to bring X-Factor to the US, and that Zac and Vanessa are in talks to be the show’s hosts!

The only problem?

According to a source, Zanessa are really popular and really high in demand (well, duh) so they’d have to “turn down a lot of work in order to do this.” We’re not sure if this rumor is true, but if it is, how amazing would this be?

Would you want to see Zac and Vanessa working together? And do you think they’d make good TV hosts, or should they stick to acting? Tell us below!