From Our BFFs: Is Taylor Swift Dating Zac Efron Now?

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Nope, but T-Swift will be playing Zac‘s love interest in their next movie, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. Is it too early to predict a showmance? [Hollywire]

Speaking of love, we really, really need to know who Jesse McCartney‘s new girlf is. Any leads? [Just Jared Jr]

Are Brittany and Artie going to break up over Santana? Brittana fans, you might not wanna read this… [Wetpaint]

Wait, you mean this dude isn’t Taylor Lautner? We swear someone OldBooth-ed the Twilight star. [4tnz!]

Victoria Justice totally loves vintage shopping and Buffalo Exchange… which makes us totally love her. [Seventeen]

Take a first look at the cast of the Charlie’s Angels reboot, including super-hot Minka Kelly (and a bunch of girls we’ve never heard of)! [Posh 24]

Would you ever guess that Emily Osment‘s music is inspired by “European hip-hop?” It’s true! [JSYK]

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