In Honor of Zac Efron’s 30th(!) Birthday, Here are 30 Pics of Him… Shirtless

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We can’t believe we’re saying this, but Zac Efron turns 30… TODAY. Depending on who you ask, you’ll probably get different responses about how people know him. Some will say Hairspray, some will say Neighbors or Baywatch, but we’re willing to bet that a majority of people will say that they still know and love him as Troy Bolton, High School Musical superstar.

We don’t know what’s harder to believe: that it’s been 11 years since the OG High School Musical debuted on Disney Channel or that our leading man is turning the big 3-0. Just because it’s been so long since High School Musical doesn’t mean that we still don’t freak out about all of the crazy casting secrets and cringe at the cast scandals that took place to this very day.

Although Zac has starred in over a dozen movies since he put away his East High jersey for good, there’s one thing that has remained the same: He’s (usually) shirtless.

It’s actually pretty hard to find a role of Zac’s in which he WASN’T shirtless — not that we’re complaining. The now 30-year-old is known for having the opposite of a dad-bod and he has been showing off his routines now more than ever before. We can’t be the only ones who totally freaked out when ~those~ paparazzi photos of him on the set of Baywatch.

We have literally seen Zac grow up from an awkwardly adorable 19-year-old to the super mega-hot 30-year-old he is today. So, in honor of our forever Troy Bolton reaching this milestone, we rounded up 30 of his best shirtless moments from both the screen and IRL.

Even after spending hours looking at pictures of Zac shirtless, we still aren’t over him. What better way to celebrate the birthday of one of our all-time faves by appreciating all of his hard work? You’re welcome in advance.