You Can’t Deny the Proof That One of Your Fave Celebrity Couples Has Called it Quits

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Not gonna lie, when Zac Efron and model Sami Miro started dating in October 2014, we didn’t think it would last very long. But even though the pair seemed like an unlikely match at the start, they proved all their doubters wrong and seemed to be going strong for quite some time. And although neither of the 28 year olds have said anything to make people believe they split, the High School Musical star pulled some shady moves on social media, sparking rumors that they’re no longer together.

Zac’s Instagram account used to be filled with adorable pictures of himself and his GF, but as of this weekend, they are all gone. Additionally, the hottie unfollowed the model on Twitter, which, if you ask us, seems to be pretty solid proof that something negative went down between the two recently. And when we say ‘recently,’ we mean very recently, because Zac and Sami were just seen walking the MTV Movie Awards red carpet together just over two weeks ago; the actor even wore a denim jacket that was designed by his love!

But while Zac has completely wiped all evidence of Sami ever existing from his Instagram page, the designer still has adorbs shots of the pair up on her account, and still follows him on Twitter. Hm… what the heck could this mean?! Do you think the two are broken up, or is this just a small blip in their relationship? Tell us your thoughts below!

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