Hotties of the Week: The Best-Bodied Hotties of the Summer. P.S. — They’re Shirtless

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Hotties of the WeekIt’s back-to-school season, yeah, yeah, we get it. But before you’re fully back to hitting the books and falling asleep earlier, we want to give you all a present to remember a summer well-spent with us. Two words: Shirtless. Hotties. Whether Kellan Lutz is working out and Alex Pettyfer is filming a shirtless scene, or Zac Efron‘s taking a dip in the ocean and Ryan Reynolds is… just being Ryan Reynolds, these guys didn’t have to work too hard to convince us that they all deserve to be dubbed our Hotties of the Week.

So if you wanna picture what a day at the beach would be like with these guys around, peep our steamiest gallery yet! And after, tell us: Which hottie has the best body?