Forget the Awards! We Were Focused on These (Hot!) Presenters

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Surely a congratulations are in order for Chris Colfer, Glee, Natalie Portman, and the other Golden Globes winners, but excuse us while we also congratulate Golden Globes presenters Justin Bieber, Rob Pattinson and Zac Efron on cleaning up really nice for the awards show. Seriously, guys, thank you SO much for comin’ out. And for wearing those tuxes. And for making the show worth watching. Seriously, thanks.

Click on to see more pics of the guys all dressed up (and with new haircuts!) and tell us — who do you think looked the hottest?

Bieber presented Best Animated Feature (to Toy Story 3) with fellow teen Hailee Steinfeld, R.Pattz presented the snooze-worthy category, Best Foreign Language Film with Olivia Munn, and Zac showed a clip for the film nominated for Best Comedy, The Tourist.

But enough about what they presented. How did they look? Who’s the hottest hottie?