An Ode to Our Favorite Birthday Boy, Zac Efron

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Today the original teen heartthrob, Zac Efron, turns the big 2-4. Yeah, guys. He’s growing up right before our eyes. So in his honor, we’ve written him a birthday poem, as we usually do for our fave celebs. Except this one’s a bit shorter than usual because, ya know, let’s be honest, it’s not the reading about Zac that we like. It’s the looking, if you catch our drift.

Check out the poem below!

Zac is so hot, so we’ll keep his birthday poem quick
Because on shirtless pics of Zac we know you’d much rather click
But let’s just say this, Zac, have a happy 24
And here’s to many, many more.

Perhaps next year you’ll be back with V-Hudge?
We miss you two together like, very very much
And maybe one day they’ll be a High School Musical reunion, too.
But until then we guess we’ll just rewatch the movies in our room.

But we’ve gotta say our fave role you played was Link in Hairspray
yet we also loved you in 17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud and, well, that’s all we’ve gotta say.
We can’t wait until December to see you on-screen in New Year’s Eve
We know you’ve got lots of tricks up your sleeve.

But until December comes we grant you just one wish
A birthday kiss from Vanessa. And one from us, if you insist.

Did you like our (abridged) b-day poem for Zac? What’s your birthday wish for him? Tell us below!