Happy Birthday, Zac Efron! Pics to Make You Wish You Were An Inanimate Object

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It’s Zac Efron‘s 25th birthday! Say what?! Since it is such a special occasion, we wanted to change it up for the Lucky One star. That means it won’t just be 10 Pics of Zac Efron Shirtless (though, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea now that we think about it…) because how unoriginal is that? Instead, we chose photos that’ll make you wish you were, just as the title suggests, an inanimate object. Or animal. Or his best friend. (Trust us, it’ll make sense in a few.) Then, after you’re done reading, make sure to send Zac some love below! What we wouldn’t give to be…

…these bunnies. Preferably the one in his hands, though.


…this spoon!


…Ashley Tisdale. (Hey, we’d settle for being BFFs if this is how he interacts with ’em.)


…this microphone.

New Line Cinema

…this ridiculous mustache.


…the photographer of this shoot. (C’mon, you know we had to put at least one shirtless pic.)


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