The Best Quotes from the Jingle Ball 2011 Red Carpet

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We don’t know how you spent your Friday night, but we went to Jingle Ball 2011 and you didn’t! And we didn’t just go to see the concert, we got to hang out backstage and on the red carpet!!! Let’s look at the checklist, shall we? See Demi Lovato IRL (just an arm’s-length away!)? Check. Listen to Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson croon? Check. Receive hugs from Carlos and James from Big Time Rush? DOUBLE CHECK! Sigh. Let’s just say, dreams really do come true. But instead of just bragging telling you about it, we wanna give you the full scope of the event by filling you in on all the goss we heard behind the scenes…

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LMFAO‘s Redfoo on collaborating with Justin Bieber:
“Yeah, I think he’s a very talented individual. He’s a cool dude. One of the coolest dudes ever.”
Jingle Ball 2011

Gym Class Heroes on working with another Jingle Ball 2011 attendee:
“[We]’d love to show up in one of the Karmin YouTube videos. That’d be great.”
Jingle Ball 2011

Megan & Liz on how to win the Teen.com holiday video contest:
“We’re looking for someone who’s gonna be different. With a personality. Even if you’re a bad singer, if you just sound like you’re a rockstar, we love that. If you’re confident, if you know you can nail it, then that’s what we look for.”
Jingle Ball 2011

Abigail Breslin on her NYE kiss with Jake T. Austin:
“He’s very sweet. It was both of our first on-screen kiss[es], and  it was definitely… Uhh, ya know. A lot of breath mints were going around. It was all good. He was a gentleman, so it was good.”
Jingle Ball 2011

Christian Siriano on must-have NYE accessories:
“Listen, I know it’s cliché, but I love a little sparkle on New Year’s, so anything with a little sparkle.”
Jingle Ball 2011

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