How an Internet Star Deals with Haters in School Now That He’s Famous

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In under three years, Yvng Swag has gone from a regular teenager to viral video sensation. He has thousands of followers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and musical.ly and even though he was at first known for his comedy and amazing dance moves, it’s a mumblerap vid that he made only three MONTHS ago (!!!) that got him signed with Atlantic Records and a management deal with Nick Cannon! We recently hung out with the Internet star to talk about his entrance into the entertainment industry, how he taught himself how to dance and how his community has responded to his sudden rise to fame.

While a lot of people from Yvng’s hometown supported him as he rose to stardom, he, like most Internet sensations, still deals with haters every now and then.

“In my county it’s a lot of hate. The little kids, they really support [my music] but the teenagers, they’re the ones who are sitting back and waiting for it to really blow up and then I feel like they would support,” he explained.

The teen still attends a public high school, so it’s sometimes tough to be around people who don’t really understand his career.

“It’s so crazy. When I walk in the hallways at school, they’re like, ‘Oh my god is that Yvng Swag?’ They’ll bring their phones out, taking pictures [in a mocking way]. I deal with it, though. I just ignore it. It’s every day, too. Every day in class if the teacher’s talking about something they’re like, ‘Oh, well, Yvng Swag can pay for it’ and stuff like that.”

WOW. That is seriously so uncool — and honestly, pretty surprising. Luckily, the high school senior has a pretty good attitude about it all.

“The negativity is actually funny. I laugh at it. It’s definitely a lot to handle when you are going through this in high school and you’re still in public school. It’s different, [but I] don’t pay it no mind at all.”

Tbh, YS has no time for haters. When he’s not posting on social media, DMing with fans or hanging out with friends, he’s getting ready to release his first EP — which should be out this March. Dancing is a huge part of his image and if you’ve seen his videos, then you know he’s got moves, but what’s surprising is he has actually never taken a professional class (although he does hope to take modern and ballet in the future) in his life!

“When I was real little, like nine, my dad would put on movies, dancing movies. You Got Served was the first movie I saw and it just looked cool, like, what they were doing. So after the movie, I just got up and was trying to do it; trying to do flips and cartwheels and handstands and it was fun, so then I started dancing.”

Seriously, so impressive. Yvng Swag’s current single, “Fall in Luv” is out now and available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

It’s just the beginning for this young star and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

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