Justin Bieber’s Rumored Girlfriend Yovanna Ventura Wears Same Dolce & Gabanna Gown As Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber sure has a thing for Instagramming pictures of pretty girls, doesn't he? A few months ago he posted a picture of Selena Gomez at an Academy Awards party in hopes of winning her back, but now he's using the photo app to send her a different kind of message. JB Instagrammed a picture of his rumored girlfriend Yovanna Ventura modeling a Dolce & Gabanna dress he supposedly sent for her to wear to prom, but she wasn't the first of his love interests to don the gown. Sel previously rocked the exact same D&G dress back in 2013 to the Spring Breakers premiere in Madrid. #Scandalous


JB posted the photo of Yovanna with the caption, "“I see you In that Dolce Dress. Glad u had fun. :)," but mentioned nothing about his ex. Although there is no direct confirmation that he purposely sent her the same gown, we're preeeeeetty sure he knew exactly what he was doing.

Selena hasn't responded yet, either, but she did recently make a back-handed Instagram comment regarding his relationship status. Apparently Sel responded to a fan's comment on her Instagram picture saying she should get back with The Biebs. She has since deleted the answer but not before multiple people got screenshots of the interaction.

This Justin/Selena/Yovanna love triangle is getting CRAY. Are you team Jelena, Jovanna, or neither? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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